Interrailling Day 5 (Prague)

Interrailling Day 5
Compared to yesterday, today was much more chilled and relaxing. We spent the morning ambling around shops and the old town of Prague, it was quite hot so the leisurely pace made it better to deal with. We had burgers at a place on the main shopping area that turned out very disappointing after waiting so long to be served so we got ice cream afterwards to fill us up more and continued shopping around. I got another Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt as I have a collection of 12 in total now.

After all the shopping we went to the food market by the square where we were staying at and got some great freshly made juice and sat by the church in the square. It was a great location to sit and chill as the church had a very interesting facade and the weather was so great! It all seemed so relaxing compared to the city centre. That night we had crepes at a little restaurant in Zizkov which we enjoyed very much and recommend to anyone who goes to Prague.


Since it was our last night in Prague we thought it would be nice to see Charles Bridge at night. I thought it had spotlights lighting it up but it didn’t, infact it just turned out to be as busy as the day but the back drop was nice a lot nicer. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a good enough picture on my camera. From here we went to Hard Rock Cafe for beer and cocktails and then packed for the journey to Budapest tomorrow evening.


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