Interrailling Day 4 (Prague)

Interrailling Day 4 (Prague)
Today was a very busy day starting off with the metro to Prague’s historic old town. There we walked along the river to Charles Bridge, it was stifling so we had to have a rest on a bench by the river which turned out to be a great place for observation. There we watched numberless tourists taking pictures in front of the river and swarm over the bridge. After a while we decided to follow suit walking across the bridge and into the old town on the opposite side. The bridge was interesting but due to it being so packed it was better to look at from afar.


Having had lunch at a little cafe slightly away from the hustle and bustle of the main streets we stoped at the John Lennon Wall. I don’t really know why this wall was there, or the significance John Lennon has in Prague, but it was interesting nonetheless. From the wall we walked up to Prague Castle. We didn’t actually realise we were at the castle when we got there as it isn’t particularly grand however the view from outside down to Prague was amazing! The castle holds a cathedral and basilica which were great to walk around and had more people talking selfie next to than the castle itself.

After walking to the nearest metro we decided to eat closer to our apartment in Zizkov and got out for a drink. The beer was quite cheap but when I ordered a Jack Daniels and coke they are given separately and you have to pay separately instead together as one drink. Tomorrow will be a more relaxed day!



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