Interrailling Day 3 (Berlin/Prague)

Day 3 (Berlin to Prague)

Today we got our first train journey in Europe to Prague the capital of Czechia. We didn’t do much in Berlin since our train was midday and our hotel was next to the train station. The train took 4hrs 40 minutes and the journey was relaxing. When travelling through Germany itself the topography was fairly shallow and the landscape covered in wind farms and acres of sunflowers. A hill or two wouldn’t have gone amiss! As we approached the Czech boarder however things livened up abit as the topography became more prominent and the train followed a river to its destination.

Once arriving at Prague we changed our Euros to Czech Koruna and hopped on the tram to the apartment we were staying in. Dumping our bags we went straight in search of food towards the old town via the metro. After filling ourselves up with a burger and chips at a nice little Rock themed restaurant we explored the old town and the astonishing church in the centre. After watching the astronomical clock show on the hour we rambled around a bit before heading back to the area we were staying (Zižkov) to the TV Tower a communist designed building with sculptures of babies crawling up the side.



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