Interrailling Day 2 (Berlin)

Interrailling Day 2 (Berlin)
Excited, we started our first full day off with a free walking tour of Berlin. Starting at the Brandenburg Gate we listened and took in the history of Berlin. We learnt that there was actually two Berlin Walls with a controlled zone in the middle. The most interesting part was visiting the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. Designed out of concrete blocks with the same dimensions, but at different angles on uneven sloping floor, when we walked through we felt uneasy and lost. It felt like walking through a cemetery disconnected from the outside world. On the tour we also visited the Reichstag building (parliament), the bunker where Adolf Hitler committed suicide (which is now a parking lot), remaining parts of the Berlin Wall and the impressive Humboldt University.

We struggled to find food in Berlin as it was a Monday and we didn’t realise many restaurants and pubs were closed including a How I Met your Mother themed pub that we travelled too. But we had some great Mexican food in Friedrichshain and it allowed us to be close enough to go explore East Side Gallery. East Side Gallery was great, both the art and the wall were incredible, the history of the city was truly amazing to me.

We decide to finish the night with a trip up the Fernsehtrurm the tallest building in Europe. It gave us a great view over the city although it was slightly cloudy and some of the pictures have a reflection because the observation deck is glass.


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One Reply to “Interrailling Day 2 (Berlin)”

  1. Bet there was a bit of a chill walking through the war memorial.
    The paintings look amazing.
    A great view from the observatory the buildings look very close together and so tall.
    You have definitely seen more of the world than me I think it’s great and lovely that you and Laura are doing this together.
    I learn something new each time you write a blog I love them xx keep safe both of you xx looking forwards to the rest of them x


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