Interrailling Day 1 (Manchester/Berlin)

Interrailling Day One

Excited to get our interrailling journey underway we arrived early at Manchester airport ready for our flight to Berlin. Our flight was with Ryanair and besides being an hour delayed everything else ran smoothly. Arriving at Schönfeld we grabbed our backpacks and headed for the train station, finding out on Google we had to wait 40 minutes and switch trains. We went to Berlin Hauptbahnhof and found our hotel (Meininger) easily enough.

The hotel was what we excepted for the amount we paid so with nothing planned we went in search of food towards Alexanderplatz. After searching for a while we ended up going into an Italian restaurant for pizza which was extremely good. It was located next to the Berlin Fernsehturm, Europe’s tallest building which we planned to go up tomorrow. After walking round during the evening we decided to call it a day with our European tour really kicking off tomorrow.

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