3 ways to travel to Ireland


Ryanair often gets shown as a cheap and negative flying option whereas I have only found it a positive experience. The staff are very friendly and while the legroom is only minimal they make up for it with the inexpensiveness of the service. To get to Dublin they advertise the flight as one hour (from Manchester) however you are only in the sky for 35-40 minutes a quick flight by any means. Ryanair win the race for easiest way to travel to Dublin due to the number of flight for example, 8 from Gatwick, 7 from Stansted, 5 from Manchester and 3 in other places such as Glasgow, Birmingham and Liverpool. For a return on average I have paid £35 however prices can soar the closer you get to the time of the flight! Book early in advance can save you a lot of money! (Ryanair also fly from most European counties).

Irish Ferries

Having got the ferry recently it is much more relaxing than flying but more time consuming. It can be the cheaper option closer to the time of booking if you are running late and “rail and sail” and “rail and car” can be great choices. As I don’t drive I opted for the rail and sail choice which was £40 (44€), great value for money considering the flying option would’ve cost more than double! The staff on board the Irish Ferry were very friendly and helpful with the questions I had and the ferry was full of stores, coffee and food restaurants, and even a games room and cinema! The ferry had working wifi and plugs for me to charge my phone too. The option of the rail and sail can save you money by incorporating train prices into your ticket. The train station (Holyhead) is located at the terminal and can be accessed via direct trains from Birmingham, Manchester Piccadilly, Chester and London Euston. (It is worth noting StenaLine also offer ferries from Holyhead to Dublin but I haven’t used them yet).

Aer Lingus

Ireland’s national airline are more expensive than Ryanair but the legroom is bigger and the staff are just as friendly as on Ryanair. The inflight food is good quality and I found the whole experience positive. At €52 for a single flight (cheaper if you book in advance) Aer Lingus operate flights to most airports in the U.K. and Europe and several airports in the US. They are certainly a good option for longer flights to Dublin, especially where Ryanair don’t operate.




Hope this helps, thanks.


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