4 Reasons why you should go to Camp

Camp for me was the best summer of my life so far! I have written many posts about it which you can see here, and some have even been put up on the AmeriCamp Website. I thought since many of my friends are going back to camp I would write my 4 reasons why you should consider going to camp in the future.

1. Travel.

If travelling is your passion then Camp is for you. America is really expensive when travelling and planning, an individual trip with friends may cost up to $1000 just for two weeks, and that maybe without spending money. When you go to camp your accommodation and food is paid for and you get to explore places that not that many tourists visit. Also you will get to earn a bit off money while working at camp to spend on your travels. On my days off I had opportunities to go to nearby places such as Woodstock and New York City.
Travelling after camp is the best part of the travelling as you get to go with all the people you have met as visas last a month after your last day of work. I went to New York City, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia. New York was an experience I won’t forget for both the stuff I enjoyed, such as Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park, and the stuff I didn’t such as Times Square. Exploring historic Philadelphia was great and who knew DC had such amazing sunsets? I wouldn’t of been able to do all this if I went to America without going to camp.

2. Meet lots of people from around the world.

The camp where I worked (Camp Loyaltown) had a huge population of staff, up to 200! This was amazing as I got to meet people from all walks of life. I stayed in a cabin with people from France, The Netherlands, UK, South Africa, Ghana, Germany and Mexico! As well as this I met lots of people from Ireland, Slovakia, Hungary, Bolivia, Australia and even South Korea. I think there were 50 different countries represented at camp. Camp feels like a small international community and is great keeping in touch with everyone and visiting there home cities. There is also the added bonus of travelling with everyone afterwards. I meet up with a lot of people in New York City and it was great. Friends you meet at camp will definitely be your friends for life.

3. Make a difference.

This is perhaps the most important part about camp and about wanting to go. You have to be motivated to make a difference because for many campers this is the only holiday they will have a year and the only time they will be away from their parents. This is especially important when working at a camp that is for adults and children with disabilities. When the campers are having a great time you’ll be having a great time too! Many people at the camp I worked at this was the key part of the experience. To make camp special made me feel really rewarded and this was the best part of my experience. If you are motivated to make a difference then camp is for you!

4. Have the summer of a lifetime.

This is the often quoted remark that you’ll have the summer of a lifetime when you go to camp and words could not fit more perfectly! If you go to camp you’ll have the summer of your life, meet great people and get to experience more of the world.


Jamie Arathoon

Twitter and Instagram: @JamieArathoon



One Reply to “4 Reasons why you should go to Camp”

  1. Love this blog Jamie. Benefits all round. Do you think you will be able go back next year? Hope so it suited you I know you were very happy there and you achieved so much from it. Great that some of your blogs made there way to the camps website.
    Keep them up xx


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