Bratislava – Day two: art, ruins and city views

Bratislava – Day two: art, ruins and city views.

One of my favourite things I did in Bratislava was visit the Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum which houses modern and contemporary Hungarian art. The exhibit which I saw was called Crossing Borders (there till 28.5.17) and it had art from artists of different nationalities including Slovak, Hungarian, Japanese, Dutch and many more. As a fan of modern and contemporary art I found it very interesting and we spend 2-3 hours wondering round and looking at the art and sculptures. It’s important to note that this museum isn’t in the city and I travelled there with my friend so I don’t know the best way to get there from Bratislava. It isn’t far from the city though as you can see it from the museum.

Devin, a castle ruins was another place we visited which was a 10 minute bus ride from Bratislava which cost about €1.50. It was blown up during the Napoleonic wars in 1809 and on a clear day you can see across to Austria. It is on the confluence of both the Danube and Morava rivers and has been a settlement since the Neolithic. The views of the river and the town were beautiful because the day was so nice. There is a little museum there which you can look in which is included in the entrance price.

Back in the city after more exploring and finding street art, statues and many more great cafes we went to Slavin a memorial to those who died liberating Bratislava in 1945 from the Germans, many soviet soldiers were buried here. We visited on April 4th without realising this was the day that the president and people show their respect. We took in the tremendous view and watched people lay wreaths in a ceremony in silence. Instead of getting the bus back down to the city we decided to walk and take in more of the views and the extremely nice houses around Slavin.


The last site we took in was of the city 95m up on the roof of a restuarant called Most SNP but most people refer to it as the UFO due to its looks. Th restuarant was extremely pricey so we just went for the views and it was great and gave other information about high towers and buildings cross the world. You can see Austria from here and on a clear day Hungary. It is fair to say I my knowledge was limited about Bratislava before I went but it was one of the most enjoyable trips I have been on. Its not really busy, easy to navigate, cheap, full of different things to do and very beautiful. I would fully recommend it!

Cost of Danubiana museum: Adult €10 Student €5

Cost of Devin Castle: Adult €4 Student €2

Cost of UFO: Adult €6.50 Student €4

Link to my first post about Bratislava here.



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4 Replies to “Bratislava – Day two: art, ruins and city views”

  1. Another interesting blog. A great way of writing Jamie. Safe journey home luv. Enjoy the next chapter in your life, is it Scotland your going to do further study. Take care, love Aunty Jan & Les xx

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  2. Looks nice there Jamie you are well travelled bet the map is getting filled in with quite a few destinations. You will probably of seen most if not all of the world by the time your my age! Keep the blogs coming xx


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