Bratislava – Day one: Old town

Bratislava Day One

Since its Easter break I decided to visit my friend in Slovakia for a few days. Having never been before (and my knowledge being somewhat limited) I didn’t know what to expect but it was awesome. This is the first of two posts about my trip to Slovakia and another post will be about my day trip to Vienna.

The weather the whole weekend was absolutely amazing 23-25 degrees centigrade everyday day! I stayed at my friends house which was in a village 40 minutes on the train away from Bratislava. The train cost €4 return or €2 on the weekend and the bus to the town from the train station being €0.35. In fact the whole city was extremely cheap especially if you have a student card you can get lots of discounts.

Firstly, we explored the Old Town, the stone buildings with orange tiled roofs stretched along the narrow streets. The streets were littered with cafes and small restaurants and being the capital city flags of other countries embassies were scattered across the streets however, the busyness of other cities is not reflective here. The pace of life is slower and there were a lot less people rushing around which adds to the feel of Bratislava. Walking through the Old Town we went to Saint Michael’s gate (Michalská brána) one of the oldest preserved medieval fortifications in the city dated about 1300 with restorations in the 1800s. It houses the museum of weaponry (Bratislava city museum) where you can go up the tower and onto the balcony with a great 360 degree view of the Old Town. I love going to Europe because of the Old Towns, I always find them very interesting and Bratislava was no different.

Old Town.

We also went up to Bratislava Castle built in the 9th century and added to until the 18th. It was rebuilt in the 1950s and 1960s and now the white appearance is noticeable from all over the city. It was formerly occupied by Great Moravia, Kingdom of Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and now subsequently Slovakia. To see the castle is truly spectacular from both afar and within. There is a museum inside which you can look around and get an even better view of inside the castle and views of the rest of the city. We also visited the house of the president and had food in various cafes such as pancakes and Asian food. I also had more traditional foods such as cheeses, chocolates, soups and much more vegetarian food.  We also found the Church of St Elisabeth or the Blue Church as it is also known.  It was designed as a Hungarian catholic church and I really liked the façade, style and mosaics it is definitely worth a visit although we couldn’t go in.

St Martin’s Cathedral
View from Bratislava Castle.
President’s House.

I found Bratislava very vibrant and I really liked its small size considering there is so much to do, see and it being the capital city. Everything is in walking distance however the buses and trams run often and are very cheap. A lot of people speak English too so that was also a big help making it easier to get around, however my friend spoke Hungarian and Slovak so she basically did the talking for me due to my inability to speak Slovak. These are just a few of the sights I saw and I am writing another post about Bratislava which includes Slavin, Devin Castle, Radio Tower and Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum.

Cost of museum exhibition inside castle: Free

Cost of Museum of Weaponry (Bratislava city museum): €4.50 full, €2.50 student.

Cost of busses and Trams: €0.35 per ride inside city.

Thanks,  Jamie.

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4 Replies to “Bratislava – Day one: Old town”

  1. I love reading your blogs Jamie fascinating reading. You are getting to see really interesting places. I am made up for you luv. Take care, thinking of you, lots of love Aunty Jan & Les xx


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