48 hours in Amsterdam

48 hours in Amsterdam.

Originally this trip was planned for a Thursday night – Sunday night, however being extremely unlucky and booking last November it turned out Storm Doris (who calls a storm Doris?) plagued my trip with delays and cancellations. I have been extremely lucky up to now only ever having one flight delayed however, all 4 of my planned flights for this weekend were delayed and one subsequently cancelled and rescheduled for the next day! We ended up losing one of the days due to the cancellation and had to spend the night in Dublin! Luckily my girlfriend is from their so we just stayed at hers. Finally after getting back to the airport we managed to arrive at Schipol in the evening. Funny thing, when you land the aeroplane the drives over a bridge over the motorway to get to the airport! Its really surreal seeing and aeroplane drive over a bridge above a main road! We got from the airport using the train and tram which are both great! Our first night was spent walking around since we got their late and a lot of stuff was closed but we got Mexican food at a restaurant called El Nino in Leidseplein which was the best burrito and service we’ve had in a long time!

Best burrito place in Amsterdam!
One of the 200+ bridges in Amsterdam.

Full day

The next day we got up early and started by going to Albert Cuypmarkt and being dutch cheese, croissants and giant fresh stroopwaffles! If you go to the Netherlands you need to try these you’ll be addicted. Next we walked to Museumplein and went into the Rijksmuseum, a dutch national museum that houses arts and history. The building is incredible and was designed by Pierre Cuypers and has Rembrandt’s famous ‘The Nights Watch’ painting. The museum has lots of colonial history and items which I found particularly interesting. Funnily we found one painting next to Rembrandt’s The Nights Watch that looks like Robin Williams (see what you think below). Outside the museum is the famous I AM AMSTERDAM sign were tourists were ruining my picture of the Rijksmuseum but we got a picture nonetheless.

Dutch flag in museumplein.
Rembrandt’s ‘The Night’s watch’.
This is definitely Robin Williams!
Tourists at Rijksmuseum
Me and Laura at I am Amsterdam Sign.

After this we got warm chocomel (the best type of dutch hot chocolate) and walked to Vondelpark along a street which we could only guess was Amsterdams version of 5th Avenue. The park was great and we spent an hour just walking round. If the weather was better and we hadn’t lost  day we would’ve probably stayed longer! We headed back to Leidseplein and got dutch pancakes at a little cafe off the main street with a great view of the canal.

Picture by the canal with the Rijskmuseum in the background.
View from the Cafe.
View from the Cafe.
After this we took a walk through Joordan an area in the North of Amsterdam known for its luxurious buildings and folk music. It was nice to walk through and the canals and bridges were great. This walk lead us to Anne Frank House which we had tickets for the previous day but didn’t make it because of our cancelled flights. I recommend booking on line because the queues are massive! We could use our ticket after 3.30pm but we would have to queue but it was too big to wait in considering our time restraints which was sad. Next to the House is the Westerkerk where Rembrandt is buried and we didn’t find this out till later on in the day! It was designed by Hendrick De Keyser whose designed many other churches in the Netherlands and his father and son where architects too. From here we took a short walk into dam square and the palace but this was really busy so we didn’t hang around.

Palace in dam square.
Anne Frank House.
Canal in Jordan, I think it was the Prinsengracht.
The Westerkerk.

We walked up to Damrak and towards the library. I recommend going here to get a good aerial view of Amsterdam which is free. The top floor is a restaurant but you can go up and lookout towards Amsterdam. You could go up the NEMO science centre for free to but this is a bit more out the way. Amsterdam doesn’t have many public buildings which are tall enough to get a good aerial view so this was one of the best. After this we headed back to Leidseplein and had a canal tour, there are many different places to get them from and companies to look at. This was definitely one of the best parts about the trip we sat and listened to the commentary drifting peacefully past national monuments viewing Amsterdam from its canals in the night. This is one thing you must do when you visit! We then had Italian food at Casio de Sergio an extremely nice restaurant with many options; of course we both had pizza!

Pizza from Casio de Sergio.
Picture from canal cruise.
Picture from canal cruise.
View of Amsterdam from the library.
Damrak, houses look like they are floating.

Last day

We spent our last day in the MoCo museum in Museumplein. We chose this instead of the Van Gogh museum because it had a Banksy and Dali exhibit. I love Banksy’s work so this was a great last day to look around and see some of his best works. We also went to the flower market which was nice! We got the tram and train back to the Airport again around 3 o’clock and our flight was delayed yet again and we didn’t end up getting into Dublin until 8:20 and we were meant to land at 7! We would’ve liked to ride bikes around if we had the extra day that we lost, go to Anne Frank house, and I would’ve liked to go to the Amsterdam museum. Hopefully we will go back soon and the flights won’t be delayed or cancelled!

Swat van.
Cardinal Sin.
Riot police.
We came across this in a street.
Builder turtle.
Flower thrower.
Kids on guns.
Girl with balloon.
We stumbled upon this tribute to the creator of Miffy who died recently (he was Dutch and Miffy is called Nijntje in Dutch).
Anne Frank house: €9.00

Canal cruise by Lovers Canal: €17.00 €13.00 with one of the museums

Rijksmuseum: €17.50

MoCo museum: €10.00 (student)

Train from Schipol: €5.20

Tram ticket: €2.90 (for use as many times in an hour but we walked most places, you can get a day ticket though!).

Things we didn’t do: bus tour, red light district, Anne frank house, Van Gogh museum, ice bar, Bike ride, Rembrandt house.

 Thanks, Jamie

Twitter: @JamieArathoon


8 Replies to “48 hours in Amsterdam”

  1. Great blog lovely photos love the canals at night looks amazing hope you both get compensation for the delays and loss of a day xx


  2. Sorry for your cancellations and delays but you seem to have packed a lot into your time there. Amsterdam is a fascinating place. I visited Jules , when she worked there. I loved all the street cafes, the bridges over the canals. The hundreds of bikes, made me want to ride a bike again. I hope you get the opportunity to visit again so that you can fit in the things you missed. Love your blogs always fascinating reading. Enjoy the rest of your university year. I am sure you will do well. Take care, love Aunty Jan xxOO 👍😄


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