Why I love Travelling

Why I love Travelling

I am a relatively new travel blog and can only travel when it fits in with my university work so my blog posts aren’t very often. So I have decided to write this post on why I love travelling. ‘Why do you like travelling?’ is a hard question for me to answer. There are multiple reasons but I guess it started from when I was young. I have always enjoyed seeing and learning about the world around me and from a young age my Granddad would tell me stories about all the countries he had visited while working in the Norwegian Navy. We would sit and name all the countries in the world and identify which flag goes with which country. He initiated my interest with the world around me. I now travel as much as I can and visited 5 countries last yearSingapore, Malaysia, USA, Switzerland and Ireland – and 3 states of the US – New York, Pennsylvania and District of Columbia (Washington). As well as trips in my home country of the UK. In two weeks I’ll be in Amsterdam and in April I’ll be in Slovakia! My interest in the world has also been taken into my academic life and I now study geography at university. And hopefully at a Master level next year!


Batu caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Melaka, Malaysia


Love Philadelphia, PA.



Travelling has allowed me to meet some amazing people from around the world. This is definitely one of the best things about travelling. I have met people from at least 35 different countries when travelling and have become very good friends with many of them. I even met my girlfriend while working in the US. I now travel and met up with people I know and they do the same and visit me. Travelling lets you meet like minded people who love the world as much as you do.

Culture and Landscape

In the world today I think it is important to learn about other cultures around the world. We live in a post-truth world, were facts aren’t important but emotional distortion is rife and cultural differences are often viewed as negative. However, I think other cultures connect us, we can learn about different ways of life, different foods and entertainment and what is important to different people. Travelling is the best way to experience other cultures. While travelling in Singapore and Malaysia the contrast from British culture was vast but consuming food and learning how a country functions, visiting nation monuments and landmarks is one of the best parts about travelling. Travelling opens your mind to different experiences and cultures, this is one thing I really enjoy.

Melaka, Malaysia
China Town, Singapore.

Travelling allows me to see amazing places both natural and built. Seeing the Swiss Alps for the first time was awe inspiring. The fresh air and clear skies, and the ring of cow bells set high up in the alps provided the perfect view. New York City at night from the top of the Empire State building is also another example. Viewing from high above, seeing the ever changing skyline and never sleeping city was one of the best part of my trips. Travelling gives you these moments to remember and share with those you travel with. The spontaneity that comes with travel and randomly stumbling upon graffiti art or sculptures or a nice restaurant is something that can only happen wile travelling.

Bernese Alps.
New York City from the top of the Empire State Building.
View from the top of the Empire State Building.
View of the Bernese Alps and Murren.


I love travelling because I have met new people, learnt new things, tried new things and seen some amazing places. In two weeks I’ll be in Amsterdam and I can’t wait. Of course I’ll be blogging my time there so keep on checking my blog!

Thanks, Jamie.

Twitter: @JamieArathoon


3 Replies to “Why I love Travelling”

  1. Nice! I recently took a trip to Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore, myself. Loved seeing the familiar photos from the latter two and that you enjoyed your time there as well. The food in Malaysia was amazing. What was your favorite area or thing-to-do in those two places?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My favourite in Singapore was definitely being on top of the Marina Bay Sands and looking at the whole of Singapore. In Malaysia the food was amazing especially being a vegetarian the Different Indian foods were great. I love looking in the places of worship in Malaysia.


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