Day two: The Old City, Bern

Day Two: The Old City, Bern
We set off in the car in the morning on a 45 minute drive to Murten (Morat). It is located on the southern shores of Lake Murten and part of the town is located within city walls. Unfortunately we got there and it was really foggy and we couldn’t see much of the town and near enough none of the lake! Walking was really nice though, there with lots of cafes and shops and the buildings where really beautiful however the fog kind of ruined things. We also stopped for coffee in a tavern and I had one of the best hot chocolates I’ve ever tasted!

Berntor, Murten.
The day was so foggy.

We headed back to Bern and a day in the old city before my train to the airport at 6:30pm. We walked through the Zytglogge a 13th century clock which served the city as guard tower, prison clock town and a civic memorial site. The astronomical face on the clock looks incredible. We the walked down the Kramgasse passing many of Bern’s fountains towards the Bern Minster Cathedral. A gothic cathedral in the Old City and the tallest cathedral in Switzerland, I found its gothic exterior is quite spectacular. We spent time walking around the Münsterplattform there and got a view of the rest of Bern and the River Aare from inside the Old City.

Zytglogge clock tower, a UNESCO world heritage site.
Bern Minster cathedral, under construction.
View of the River Aare and Bern.
View of the River Aare from Münsterplattform.
View from the Münsterplattform.

We then continued our walk, after a hot chocolate and coffee, over nydeggbrücke bridge, which gave us a great view of the old city ,to Bärengraben, the Bear Pits. The bear mascot is on the flag and coat of arms of Bern and has served as a tourist attraction. There is also the history or the bear tamer a statue upon a fountain in Bern (on my previous post). We then had lunch at the Tramdepot restaurant locatde by Bärengraben. I had traditional Rösti and egg, which was grated potato and onion, baked with cheese on top and a fried egg. Probably the nicest meal I’ve had in a long time!

View of The Old City from TramDepot Restaurant.
View of Bärengraben park from the Nydeggbrücke bridge.

I then went to Bern train station to catch my train. The trains here are so clean and they are double-deckers too! My train took 1 hour to get to Basel train station and then I got the bus from the station to the airport. The good thing about transport in Switzerland is my train ticket included my bus travel to the airport. If there was a boat trip in between it would’ve covered that too! Unfortunately my plane was delayed at the airport by 30 minutes but I got to write a postcard and read while waiting.

Overall I found Switzerland so incredible, the views of the alps were a highlight and I’ll hopefully be back soon to do some proper hiking in the alps with my family and maybe go to Luzern or Geneva! I’m currently looking for somewhere else to go travel for a short weekend in Europe in November and December. Any suggestions?

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