The Big Apple part II

The Big Apple part II
I took longer than I would like with this post having been super busy with uni. It was wrote a week or 2 ago but I just never had chance to post it. 
Brooklyn bridge
Probably one of my favourite places in New York, Brooklyn bridge offers spectacular views of Manhatten and the city. I went both at sunset and during the day and it was amazing, although super busy.

Natural history museum

As a self-confessed museum lover, I enjoyed every moment in the natural history museum although I took no pictures. I find history interesting especially when it’s about the natural change of the world. When spent about 4 hours here and the relaxed in Central Park as the day was gloriously sunny.

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
The Statue of Liberty was something I was rather underwhelmed at, I was expecting her to be much taller and I couldn’t go to the top during the day. There too was extremely busy and I’m not the biggest fan of boats! On the other hand I found Ellis Island to be very interesting and full of information and facts I didn’t know. We spent about 2 hours here before darting back to Manhatten for lunch and a lost pair of prescription sunglasses.

Ground Zero

I find it really hard to describe my feelings while walking around ground zero. Something so terrible just made me think about life when I was walking round. A beautiful memorial to those who lost there lives on 9/11. A place that I felt pictures should be limited. The best touch I think was the numerous flowers next to people’s names when it is there birthday. Gone but never forgotten.
The hostel we stayed at for the second part of the trip was called Jazz on Columbus Circle. A recently refurbished hostel on 56th with an excellent location what more could you ask for. It was all modern with working wifi and it was only $55 a night which was awesome. Extremely easy for us to go anywhere in the city in a few minutes walk on on the nearby tube station.

We also stumbled upon the bar which the TV show How I met your mother was based upon! I’m a big fan of the show so this was LEGENDARY! We also came across lots of street art outside a art school which was be refurbished.

Overall my time in New York was great, there were parts that I liked and disliked but I guess that comes with most cities. The best parts was Central Park and The Empire State Building but that doesn’t beat the company that I had!
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