The BIG apple, part I

Whether it’s the buildings, shops, parks, billboards or food New York City does everything big, so I guess the nickname suits. I spent 6 days in NYC after camp, with Philadelphia and DC in between the day, and I was amazed by some parts and despised others. 
Times Square.
I went to Times Square on my first night to meet people from camp. Apart from not actually being square the first thing I noticed was the billboards, it took my eyes a while to adjust to the immense bright lights advertising various goods that I had minimal interest in. The over-crowdedness added to my discomfort as I tried to manoeuvre my way between people from the tube station to the red steps to meet everyone from camp. Luckily, they were standing a few metres in front of the red steps in a relatively uncrowded area. I never ended up going up the red steps though. We all had a catch-up of our travel plans and then sung some songs from camp. Other tourists gathered around us and start to record us all which I thought was quite funny tbh. We all went to some bars across Times Square then for a well deserved beer!

The only other Times I went into time Square was to go to the HardRock Cafe, which I thought was awesome, to get my obligatory t-shirt and to Hershey’s world and M&Ms, which I thought was annoying that you couldn’t just buy a bag a randomly flavoured M&Ms you had to choose out of lots tubes and put them into a bag. 

Time Square for me was overhyped, dirty, crowded and the street performances I thought were dyer.

Central Park
In a city of skyscrapers Central Park is a welcome sight. Stretching for around 60 blocks I spent time exploring and a few hours sitting by the lake and on one of the various fields in sun. It was extremely busy both times I went to Central Park but the weather was scorching! Definitely one of my favourite parts of Manhattan. The pictures say more than my words.

The Empire State Building.

It’s second nature for me to go to one of the highest points possible within a city and look down. Seeing the world from above is something I always like even though I’m not a fan of heights. The lights and the movement of people and cars, and the vast distance of sight is awe inspiring. The Empire State provides all this and more, 80+ floors up. 

Grand Central Station and the Flat-iron Building.

Both of these architectural masterpieces we happened upon by accident. A walk up 5th avenue led us to both and they were both gems to behold. For different reasons of course. Grand Central is an iconic transport hub with architectural significance that attracts many. The flat-iron building is more of a recent finding for me, an oddly shaped building with apartments for those with plenty of money.

Union Square

Slightly out of the way, located on 16th street & 5th ave, Union Square is a less touristic area of the city and where I stayed for the first 4 days of my trip. A park square surrounded by numerous restaurants, shops, bars and cafes it was a great place to relax and get food. A subway which went directly to the centre of Manhattan and easily to the south was also ideal. An organic market was there daily with various foods and plants to buy. 

This post has been long overdue but I have been really busy since arriving home in the U.K. Hopefully, I’ll have part II up within the next two days, which will involve the Brooklyn bridge, natural history museum, Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, my hostel and Ground Zero.

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5 Replies to “The BIG apple, part I”

  1. Hope you are settling back into University, very different to your time in USA. Enjoyed reading your blog. I unlike you enjoyed Time square but it was Christmas and there was a huge Christmas tree and all the trees in the streets were lit up. I loved the colour against the white twinkling lights. We went to the Mariot hotel with a revolving restaurant,expensive we only had drinks there as it was 8 $ each to get in. But looking down at the hustle and bustle was amazing. I agree Central Park was a special place, lovely to get some greenery and a sense of peace. They all went ice skating whist Les & I minded Olivia. Reading your blog brings back wonderful memories of a Christmas spent at Carl and Catherine’s. We visited all the places that you did. Hope all goes well for you in your final year.
    Lots of love, Gt Aunty Jan & Les, Take care luv xxOO

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What can I say another fantastic blog. I learn more from your blogs than you yourself in person still quiet..
    Looking forward to your next one.
    It all looks amazing what an experience you’ve had.
    Now back to reality and university..
    Keep up the hard work it will definitely be worth it 1 year to go and that will fly by. Hope you get what you are aiming for you so deserve it. Xx
    Love you millions xx


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