Washington DC.

Washington DC
Washington like Philadelphia was a very vibrant and historic city. Like other American cities I found DC easy to navigate and easy to get to everywhere. The transport was cheap, a free streetcar to the centre and $1 for the bus to the Smithsonian! Being the capital city I found it very clean. Our hostel was run by the same company as the one in Philadelphia and was very clean, decorated well and the staff were helpful.
My favourite part of DC was the Lincoln memorial and the view from there. Me and my friend stayed there during the sunset and the view of the Mall and the financial district during the sunset was a sight to behold. We must’ve spent a good 30-45 minutes watching the sunset and taking pictures like tourists.

Like Philadelphia, DC was undergoing construction for a music festival since it was almost labour day weekend. This was annoying and ruined part of the US Capitol building and the view down the mall. A few of the museums were also being constructed too which luckily didn’t mean they were closed. Even the Hard Rock Cafe was being redesigned but I still got my t-shirt! The nation air and space museum was awesome, reading the boards about the space race and information on American space travel was very interesting. We went to the White House which was pretty cool although the amount of people there was unnerving.

One thing I would’ve liked was to try more foods because of the limited budget we ate in cheap fast places or made food in the hostel. Washington on the whole is pretty cool but more touristy than anything but I’d definitely go back again!


Jamie Arathoon
Twitter and Instagram : @JamieArathoon


3 Replies to “Washington DC.”

  1. Enjoyed looking at the photographs and of course your blog. A breath taking sunset, have never seen one like it quite spectacular. You have certainly been to some interesting places. Hope your new term at university goes well. The time seems to be flying by, you will graduate before we know it!! Take care luv, thinking of you love Gt Aunty Jan & Les xxOO


  2. Loved this blog Jamie. The photos were awesome and the sunset was out of this world.
    Shame about the constructions going on. Looks as if you had an amazing time.
    Lul take care love xx 😘😘


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