“We licked the liberty bell!””And what did it taste like?” “Freedom…no it tasted like penny’s”.

As a person who likes history, street art and architecture I was a little worried travelling around the states as its history only really started in the 1700s. However, Philly is home to the Philadelphia art museum, liberty bell, the harbour, city hall, the US mint and a lot of “firsts” for the US such as the first hospital, medical school, German school and typewriter amongst others. Philadelphia was also the temporary capital of the US and held the funeral for George Washington, among other events.

Another attraction included the liberty bell and city hall, the quotes above come from ‘How I met your mother’ if you didn’t know. The buildings were very beautiful and various events were being undertaken there in the adjoining parks. These included US championship in a sport similar to bowls and an outside tent party and a dance off between residents which was funny.

We also went to the Philadelphia art museum made famous also by the “Rocky steps”. Annoyingly, a lot of the park and half the steps were closed due to a music festival. The stages ruined the view and we couldn’t run up all the steps which was highly irritating. Unfortunately construction was a reoccurring theme throughout our travels.

By far the best thing about Philly was the street art. I fully recommend walking around South Street and checking it all out. A lot of the buildings have been made into canvases for graffiti work and some have been completely covered by mosaic art. I feel that this made Philly a lot more vibrant and added to its already mixed culture.

Our hostel was nestled in the historic district and next to the “first German school in the US”. The staff were really helpful in pointing out places that were off the beaten track and the hostel itself was very clean and looked great. I wish I stayed in Philadelphia longer as I would’ve like to explore more!
Megabus: Philadelphia from New York $10.
Accommodation: Old City Philly Hall $34-a-night. I only stayed 1 night but I could’ve stayed for 3 nights!


6 Replies to “Philadelphia”

  1. Fascinating again Jamie, how lucky you are to have seen the very varied cultures! The buildings magnificent and I loved the tree lined avenue. Now for you to settle down home before going back to university. Will seem strange for you, I bet you will feel a bit restless. LUL love Gt Aunty Jan & Les xxOO


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