Session five & six

Session five and six were the last two weeks of camp and it’s fair to say I am full of mixed emotions. I am happy to leave and travel with my friends and I am sad to leave some of my friends and some of the campers. It has been such an amazing experience that has changed my life in many ways and I am very thankful to everyone I met.

Session five was a full on session with the campers coming from group homes where they live. Some of the staff came to stay and help also as all the campers followed strict behaviour plans and the staff new best how to help us and the campers in situation. My one-on-one, Scott, was 20, the same age as me, and has autism. We spent a lot of our time in the pool, athletics and running around which was a dramatic change from session four. Scott also loved to sing and repeat stuff he hears of Disney programmes.

Session six only lasted five days and I spent it walking round and hiking with my one-on-one Brian. Like most people I have worked with Brian has autism and when he was happy he always looked at me and smiled which was so awesome.

I am thinking of coming back to camp again next year depending on university, friends and travel plans. It has definitely been the best thing I have done in my life. I 100% recommend working at a disability camp in USA. Time to travel now though to Philadelphia, DC and New York City which will be awesome!
From Jamie.


2 Replies to “Session five & six”

  1. Mixed emotions 😊😂😘 Fantastic Jamie hope you have a brilliant time on your travels stay safe and enjoy see you soon were travelling to Scotland today see you when we get back on the 10th . Lul xx 😘😘


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