“Hey Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jamie?”

Session four is now over and in my opinion it was the hardest in terms of mentality. My assigned camper had autism and a repetitive nature in terms of speech and is constantly talking. The title of this blog post of course comes from him and the name he gave me until he actually remembered my name (which was awesome), after being reminded multiple times a day. However, when I got him to accomplish a task it was quite rewarding (or when he called me “my buddy”).
I also had a shot at being unit head this session, a job role which involves me being in charge of the four cabins in my unit, making sure everything is running smoothly and everyone is okay as well as making sure all the paperwork is done. This was pretty cool as I got to spend a lot of my time in the wheelchair cabin, which is one of my favourites.

One of my favourite campers also left this session and I won’t be here to see her again when she comes back in the 7th session. She was from the wheelchair cabin and has CP and was non-verbal but her communication was very good. I have a pile of cards off her that she made in arts and crafts and I managed to spend the whole day with her on her birthday which she was really happy about. She cried a lot when leaving to me and her counsellor and I am going to miss her so much. Another camper from the wheelchair cabin, who speaks fluently, gets you to write poems that he thinks of in his book. Reading them gave me an insight into what he is thinking and what he thought about his life and the people around him and I can honestly say I cried with other people while reading some (he just laughed and said are you okay).

As well as the campers leaving two of my closest friends from my cabin also left which was hard. Luckily we will be making plans to meet in England, Budapest and Amsterdam which I am looking forward too.

I am currently enjoying session five and will post about that at the end of the week when it finishes. I am quite vague with these posts due to safeguarding but I hope it shows a good picture of each session.


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2 Replies to ““Hey Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jamie?””

  1. Interesting as always. You have been doing a great , rewarding job. The time seems to have flown by, a week to go I can hardly believe it. Enjoy the rest of your stay and safe journey home luv. Thinking of you, take care, love Gt Aunty Jan & Les xxOO


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