“Don’t drop the frog Brian”

Session Three!

I’m really late writing this post but I have been so busy recently but session three is over and I am in the middle of session four. As I am writing this I only have one month left of my american adventure. Time has gone so quick.

Session three we had guests who were more independent and able to do a lot more activities by themselves which was great. I spent my time during the first week working as an assist in the nature programme which was awesome as I got to interact a lot more with all the guests. During the second week I was with a guest who stayed for the last session as well as this one and I’m sad to see him go. 

We are now in the middle of session four (only two more left) and things seem to be going extremely fast. Two of my close friends from my cabin leave at the end of next week which is going to be difficult but we are already making plans to meet up soon in a different countries! 

Blog again soon.




3 Replies to ““Don’t drop the frog Brian””

  1. As long as you are still enjoying yourself. It all looks amazing! It is nice to see you looking so happy, I think this might be the job for you. Time is flying by! Take care of yourself luv, you are in my thoughts! Lots of love Gt Aunty Jan & Les xxOO 😉 🙏👍


  2. Wow time has flown by!! Loving the photos and blogs but can you give us more insight as what you are doing or will that come on your blogs when you are home xx take care stay safe love you to infinity and beyond xx


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