“Hey Jamie, you shut that door”.

Session two is almost over and it feels like only yesterday that it had started! 
This session has been a lot more mentally draining due to the campers that I work with having seizures, however it’s been just as awesome as the last session. The twins that I work with are so funny and it is from one of them that the title for this post originates. Talking to each other and themselves in their certain tone of voice, joking and singing is something I’m really going to miss.

As the days progress I find myself realising more and more that I want to work to help people, whether it’s with people with special needs or people in humanitarian crises. Being at camp is also helping me decide what I want to do for the first year after university and I think coming back will be a good decision! 

Still loving the American/Camp life.



4 Replies to ““Hey Jamie, you shut that door”.”

  1. Jamie love the blog you and the campers look so very happy I think it’s the happiest I have seen you I’m sure that this path is your vocation in life as you seem to say also were so happy for you xx love you sooo much and veeerrrryyy proud of you xx


  2. Hay son . Keep up the good work . Kids with learning difficult’s always have a fantastic sense of humor and your obviously enjoying it . Keep up the fantastic work with these wonder-fall kids
    proud of you . Dad x


  3. I love the photographs of you with the campers you look so happy. It is very rewarding looked after the disabled. I loved Care work. Carry on the good work, and very well done with your results. Your time away seems to be flying by. Take care luv, thinking of you. I have said a prayer for you, love Gt Aunty Jan & Les xxOO


  4. It sounds like your having a great time and enjoying the company of some special people. I think it’s your vocation in life to help people who aren’t as fortunate as others as the rewards are always far better than the downs! Enjoy your time and experiences you have left over there!
    Love Dawn & Paul xx xx 😉😊


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