Hunter, New York

Today we decided to climb up Hunter mountain and it was harder than I thought it would be. Maybe it was because we left at 11am which was a horrible decision as we climbed in 26 degree heat, or maybe it was because we climbed up ski slopes instead of the path at some parts. But in the end it was a great climb with some awesome views! The Catskills is such a beautiful place. Unfortunately the ski lifts weren’t working so we had to hike back down which was a pain but it only took an hour and we had ice cream at the bottom. I ended the day with pizza and I can honestly say the stereotypes about American food portions are so true! A small pizza was 14 inches but it was really good food.

The top of Hunter Mountain.

The top of Hunter mountain.

I have to do a 6-hour round trip to New York tomorrow to pick up the campers, so I will be much busier in the coming weeks and I can’t wait, even though I’m a little nervous.


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  1. I’ve only just seen this blog I’m so very proud of you make the most of it just be yourself and you’ll be fine. The views look awesome hope the trip to New York went well and everything runs smoothly xx look forwards to the next blog x


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