Beautiful Barcelona

Beautiful Barcelona

When looking back on my trip to Barcelona almost a year ago, it is great to reflect on the sights that I experienced. Whether it was Gaudí’s awe inspiring Park Güell or his still in production La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona was a place full of culture and history. I don’t like to take many pictures when I visit different countries and cities because I would rather have the memories in my mind. I remember walking up to the highest point in Park Güell to get a panoramic view of Barcelona in the warm 28-degree heat and when I got to the top the view was definitely better than I expected. I always enjoy seeing cities from the highest point available or from panoramic views as it gives you a view of the nature and architecture all at once. Barcelona’s gothic, naturalist and orientalist architecture shows Barcelona’s differing culture and was definitely my main reason in visiting. The Joan Miro art foundation was something that I also enjoyed, the surrealist work was very enlightening and not what I was expecting. A bus up Monjuïc, a walk through the Arc de Triomf, an exploration through the gothic quarter, a night on the La Rambla and watching the fountain show outside Palau Nacional topped of a great trip.

View from the highest point of Park Guell.
Arc de Triomf, Barcelona.
Palau Nacional, Barcelona.
La Sagrada Familia remains unfinished, however is projected to be finished in 2030.

What was even better during the trip was that I was there during a parade in Plaça de Catalunya for independence in August 2015. Seeing a mass of people parading around Barcelona in yellow and red waving the Catalonia flag was a sight to behold. The belief that Catalonia should be an independent nation was ubiquitous throughout Barcelona and is a belief I personally share. Overall, the experience was amazing with cheap but great accommodation, great architecture and awesome views. Definitely worth the visit.

Go and explore the world!


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