Melaka, an incredible small city

Melaka (Malacca), Malaysia.

After being in Singapore me and my friends took a bus to Melaka, Malaysia. A 3 hour journey for about S$10 on the comfiest, air conditioned coach ever.  The UNESCO world heritage site was once a Dutch colonial port. One thing I have noticed straight away is the difference between Malaysia and Singapore. There is more of a chaotic feel about it, although the buildings and streets look incredible. So much history is packed into this small town. I have visited the Stadthuys, in the centre of the historic square which were created by the Dutch in the colonial period. We walked up St Paul’s Church which is mostly in ruins now and got to view the city from a high point. The orange roofs stretch as far as the eyes can see and the view was great!

We explored Jonker Street the main street and in the town centre which is full of shops and temples. We went inside some of the Taoist and Buddhist temples which we extremely beautiful. They are free to enter you just need to make sure you follow the rules and take your shoes off before entering. This was one of the best experiences of Melaka as this can only be done when in Asia. Afterwards we went back to our hotel and relaxed in the rooftop pool and then had dinner at The Baboon House which was decorated very modestly and had the best vegetarian burger ever, but you aren’t aloud to take pictures inside.

I had an incredible time in Melaka and would definitely go back again. Its the a place in Malaysia that not many people have heard of but it is definitely worth a few days visit. Its onto Kuala Lumpur now!



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4 Replies to “Melaka, an incredible small city”

  1. Fascinating Jamie, I really enjoy reading your blog and looking at the photographs, amazing sights! Enjoy your next trip, safe travels luv! Love GtAunty Jan & Les xxOO

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  2. Hi Jamie, me and my partner came from Singapore to Penang, Malaysia early this week and found exactly the same thing! We hadn’t looked into heading to Melaka but sounds like its worth checking out – great blog 🙂

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